Samsung just made a huge announcement bringing highly sought-after mainstream content to VR; they've revealed the upcoming UFC 212 event will be live streamed in VR exclusively to Samsung Gear users. 

Live VR streams for sporting events have been done before, but usually for minor sporting events or second-tier leagues such as the NBA's Development League, or as a somewhat gimmicky side-experience. UFC 212 represents a big step up not just in terms of the scale of the occasion - especially considering this is a huge pay-per-view draw that's essentially being broadcast for free - but also the amount of content that's on offer with the whole night, multiple fights, and pre- and post-event content available as well.

It's VR as a legitimate alternative way to watch a sporting event - a major sporting event at that - and directly addresses one of the early concerns about VR not having enough content to stay relevant.

Samsung's press release is linked below including some info on partnering with the X-Games as well as teasing an upcoming Live Music concert with an as yet unidentified major international artist.