There are signals that the AI frenzy is starting to bubble up, but are businesses ready to effectively adapt to it?

It is fair to say that we are looking at an old trend with the 'Artificial Intelligence bubble'. This predicts that most attempts to implement AI in businesses will fail. 

The internet was a big trend back in the 1990s, and all companies were trying adopt it. While most attempts to enter the online division failed, companies that pushed through the bubble gained massive advantages over their competitors.

The buzz in the mid 2000s was about cloud computing. Several companies started to explore this field but there were too many problems in security and regulatory compliance. Many attempts failed. Some backed off while those that persisted became extraordinary well-positioned today.

Perhaps companies that want to succeed will need to incorporate machine learning very steady but surely to a few components of the business, avoid aiming for the big win and lose the bet. 

Ride the wave carefully. After all, marketplaces for datasets and algorithms are now rising in popularity. Cloud based infrastructure built for AI is rapidly improving, and furthermore, the cost of AI professionals are decreasing slightly as the number of trained professionals increase.