From the early days Bezos had a mantra of 'Get Big Fast' and took on the traditional business model and won.

Today he is doing so in a way that is putting everyone on notice, but the jury is still out to the type of model that is going to work.

From using Augmented reality to help consumers trial home appliances and furniture in real stores and their look and feel in their own environments through to Amazon Go frictionless payment models, Bezos and team are doing everything they can to find a model that works best for their customers.

I have written here many pieces about the future of Amazon, i am a big fan and big believer of their future. At the end of the day if they can change the game and bring me as a consumer what i want when i want it and how i want it then good luck to them. More importantly if it can make everyone around them life their game too them we as consumers are in a win win and i quote 'We are always thinking about new ways to serve customers'

As this article states, they are trying many different types of physical retail and it hasn't cracked it yet, but when it does look out world! 

It may be fast and it may be slow, but it will get big