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Will A.I. kill creatives?

Interesting topic, one that will bring up a lot of thought. The answer is yes and no if i'm honest.

Yes A.I. will be able to analyse a bunch of data that is received by feedback and potentially create the perfect ad or the ultimate music track, however that doesn't necessarily mean it is the coolest or most effective it could be.

A.I. is providing a number of tools already that can enhance the creative process no doubt about that, however it cannot replace the creative thinkers of the world. The ones that bend the rules, push the boundaries and use intuition when conventional thinking doesn't allow.

I believe creatives will survive but i definitely believe they will need to change their skill set and also their remit otherwise yes there will become a day when they are left behind.

Where the creative future does have a big role to play is in the understand of data and insights. More and more information will be funnelled into the creative process in the future, the creative teams who can not just uncover that data but can then translate it's real meaning will be the ones who get the best out of it and that is where the magic starts.

X's and O's, good luck 

Algorithms are already foundational to programmatic advertising and will likely only grow to be a bigger part of media buying, but can machine learning ever completely replace the creative process? It’s no surprise that agencies adamantly say no, that brands still need human creatives to handle strategy and come up with ideas. But creative shops are still preparing for a time when there will be fewer people to handle some parts of the business, especially those that involve time-consuming and manual tasks. “To be honest, some of the first people who will lose their job because of AI will be marketing managers,” said Firstborn’s executive creative director Dave Snyder. “If your job is really to move numbers around a spreadsheet and optimizing it based on what’s performing, the computer is going to be way better than you and faster.”

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