The technology upheaval is a complete nightmare, lets be honest and it's here and it isn't going away very soon.

However can design thinking make a big difference? Are we able to solve our business challenges with great design thinking or thinkers?

This great piece looks at exactly that. We have to deal with what is the most important thing in life and that is the human interface and how we make life better with design. 

At the end of the day design makes life better and if you're in business today you're goal should be to become a design led thinking organisation who has your customers needs at the heart of your product or service.

A big component of this new world is building things, prototyping and learning. Actually getting something tangible into peoples hands helps open their minds and with that comes action. Our business is built around a foundation of solving problems, to do this we have to build a solution, analyse it and then build it again even better, repeat and repeat.

Bottom up people that is the future