Lots of money is being poured into the development of the Hyperloop: the future’s newest inter-city transport. You sit in a large pod and get shot through long tubes, between cities, at speeds of greater than 1,000 KPH to get to your destination. It’s basically a ground-level airplane, taking advantage of the faster travel times in lower-pressured environments. 

And now, the first full-size passenger pod is being built by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. It’s exciting that this project is being advanced, yet we believe that there’s quite a lot of practical challenges. 

For the hyperloop to work, there can only be one transport service going from beginning to end, meaning the same tube cannot be used for pods that are going to different destinations. It can’t work like a bus with bus stops, and with scale, this calls for a huge number of tube networks to efficiently work as a transportation system. It might be on its way; however, it's far from complete.