With so many new products out there, I sometimes wish I could see them right in front of me. You know, so I don’t buy something useless or skip out on something cool. 

I get it, it’s not really possible -- at least not in base reality. 

But augmented reality -- well that’s just a whole new story. The Apollo Box is applying AR to online shopping to allow customers to visualize what the vendor is selling by creating virtual animations of their products. 

We believe this will take E-commerce to a whole new level, replacing the 2D online images that can be too ambiguous and impersonal. For example, furniture, lifestyle products, and more can all be visualized inside of your own home -- perfect for all the home decor enthusiasts. 

Yet, this is just the beginning of AR’s application in E-commerce. In the near future, it might not be surprising to see people virtually trying on their clothes and shoes.