Selfies are everywhere in today's society. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook -- there's no escaping them. But now they're on their way towards payment authorization. It's the "selfie pay..."

Similar to Touch-ID, just snap a selfie through your smartphone, wait for it to validate that it's actually you, and BAM you're payment goes through. 

It may have a nice ring to it, but we at Goat Ventures are concerned about the safety of biometric authentication. Although it detects the user's unique facial structure, we believe that more sophisticated technology needs to be implemented, such as machine learning. The "selfie pay" extension should learn the biometrics of the user by collecting more data to validate a transaction, such as detecting if the phone is being held in the correct hand, and if eye blinking rhythms rightfully match.

But with innovations shaping the safety of this form of payment, we might just see the coming of a "selfie pay" age.