When the Microsoft HoloLens was unveiled to the world, it came with the promise of providing massive efficiency gains. Around two years on, there have been enough early adopters of the technology with real-world examples to back up those claims.

Despite still being a product at the dev-kit stage, the HoloLens has already proven to be an exceedingly useful tool for the companies mentioned in this article, saving them tens of thousands of dollars and condensing processes that would have previously taken months into a few hours.

What this shows is that companies need to be ready now to integrate AR/MR technology into their workflow because early-adopters have already gained an advantage over their competition with this technology. Very soon, it won't be a case of how far ahead will your company be by adopting AR/MR; instead, you'll need to be aware of how far behind the norm you'll be by not adopting it quickly enough.