I wrote the other day about who the industry is hoping will bring AR to the table in the most consumer friendly way and we are all still looking towards Apple.

However, if you are interested this piece by Andrew is a detailed discussion on all of the AR stack. It is a fascinating read of the complexities involved. I am no scholar but some of the logic he discusses makes a lot of sense.

Form factor, surely the most influential in todays pop culture. We are all creatures of society and we care about what others think. If we are going to wear something that allows us to have an optical see through display then it needs to dam well look good, real good.

Technically to me as a consumer i don't care, all i care about is that it works and it doesn't run out of battery.

Environment, the strength of AR is it is in the real world, not a virtual/fake world, my world. It MUST take into consideration the world around me, if it doesn't then it loses its relevance and strength.

Content is king, it has to make my life easier and better, enhancing the current experience i have in the world end of story.

Blend it so that it doesn't seem like it is not real, as soon as i get a experience that seems fake and not part of my world i'm lost. It needs to be led by human consideration and centric thinking.

Privacy, this is massive, what will big brother know now, what do we show privately vs publicly?

I love the idea of ubiquitous computing device however we have a long way to go to find nirvana