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Will Apple turn out to save the day?

This year will be a massive year in the evolution of both AR/MR and Apple. Well that's my call and I'm calling it early.

To be honest my assumption is based off a few articles like this one and a few commentators talking about the rumoured iPhone 8. But it does make sense if you look at the evidence.

Yes the likes of Microsoft and Magic Leap are making a big play with their HUD units, but seriously who is going to be able to afford or want to walk around with them for some time yet. I may be wrong we will see

Google is giving it a great go, i like what they are doing, i love the way they are taking Tango and looking to converge it with Daydream, that excites me and it should do you too as a consumer.

However the knight in shinning armour has got to be Apple. Look at the acquisitions they have had with Metaio, Faceshift and lastly Flyby Media, all of these allude to a big AR snapchat type play.  

Come on 2017 lets make AR and Apple famous again

The most thrilling mixed reality experience involves real-time, 3D mapping of the environment, which enables virtual objects to interact with surfaces and objects in the real world. For example, a computer-generated creature that can stand on a table -- or hide behind it. Here's the challenge: 3D-mapping capability is compute-intensive, meaning it is expensive, power-hungry and heat-generating. So is the real-time rendering of 3D objects. With the richest mixed-reality experience, you need both 3D mapping and image rendering. As a result, products like Hololens and Magic Leap require heavy, bulky headsets and cost a lot of money. (The Hololens developers edition weighs more than 1.25 lbs. and costs at least $3,000 -- roughly the same weight and price as four iPhones.

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