This article is not about how Hollywood has not changed with the future of tech. Well it is that's a bit of a lie. It is an article about disruption and how Silicon Valley has change the game forever.

When Netflix first started creating their own content in 2013 this was the beginning of the end. They knew long before they went to market that House of Cards would be a success and that is all thanks to Big Data. The game officially changed

Tech companies were no longer sticking to their knitting, they were chasing what everyone was chasing our attention.

Like the music industry and the publishing business before it is enviable the entertainment game would change but to what extent was the question.

The big question is where does it end? I wrote a piece about Amazon and about how they have become one of the most loyal brands in the world thanks to their suite of offering. They too are taking on the entertainment space as they've recognised that the future is all about giving their customers what they want as fast as possible, again after our attention.

However it is not only the consumption end of the value chain that will be disrupted but the whole value you chain. From script writers, actors, cameramen through to general support staff everyone is officially on notice.

Yes it is not pleasant to see an industry as famous and iconic as Hollywood falling apart at the seams but it is all part of evolution and out of it will be born new business models, power brokers and value chains. 

Who wins? Who knows but what i can say is we as consumers are definitely going to benefit.