I like most of you have been waiting patiently for a number of years now as to when MR/AR will really turn up. Yes Pokemon Go injected some excitement into our lives last year but that was short lived and for the majority of normal humans we didn't chase animated creatures around the country on mass.

So what is or more importantly when is the real augmented/mixed reality world going to turn up.

Are brands ready? No way. Are we as humans ready? Not a chance. But does it really matter? Were we ready for the TV? Internet? Mobile? But we adapted and survived.

What is true is that we as brands need to get ready for this world as it is definitely coming. The battle will be won by the brands that can embrace this space and take advantage of it. It is exactly the same as to how brands had to deal with the coming age of the internet, the ones who embraced it with a strong strategy and smart thinking were the ones who won out in the end.

The real thing to consider if i am a brand right now is finding the right partner/s who can help me navigate this coming world. Right now this is the biggest challenge as these skills don't sit with traditional partners.

You now have to consider the next generation web experiences, 3D content, games, holograms, virtual interfaces, location based, visual search the list goes on.

2017 is going to be a huge year for this space and we are going to see some real advancements. Brands need to get ready, learn, fail fast, sprint etc etc, just get on and do it and be prepared as the old world no longer exists