That is a bit of a click bait headline but it is also the fundamentally at the core of the future of business.

There is no doubt that the world of branding is changing, it has been for years, i just wrote a piece on Amazon and the brand that they've become over the last 20 years, it isn't the big logos, 60 sec TV commercials, billboard advertising or sponsorships that have got them to become one of the most loyal brands in the world, no it is the offering, processes, infrastructure and commitment to customer that ultimately did their branding for them.

Yes maybe brands will hack our bodies, i can see a world where we implant components into our bodies to make our lives frictionless, i've written about this too when our virtual and physical worlds become one. No brainer.

Yeah why not have a Ghanum logo, i mean i already have a social persona why not a logo that represents me.

Yes of course the 'Age of Ghanum' will arrive, it will allow me to get closer to my world and the brands i love in it, i can't wait and i look forward to the new levels of personalisation i will endure.

What really is the interesting thought is the concept of my machines being marketed to by other machines, will my assistant be choosing the right products because of my preferences or because of the sales job another machine has put on it?

It is all before us, how do we as brands, businesses and even people work towards it? Step by step i guess. There is no crystal ball but it sure pays to start soon or else one day you might wake up and you are Kodak.

Good luck!