When i started my technology journey in 1998 i remember the early days of Amazon, the internet and especially ecommerce. Back then i remember thinking to myself 'why on earth am i going to buy anything online let alone books?', i couldn't have been more wrong and history reminds me of that every day.

Here we are nearly 20 years on from the start of my journey and i look at what is labelled as the 'Most Innovative Company of 2017' and i just can't help but applaud the almighty that is Bezos.

To me what underlines Amazon in 2017 that wasn't apparent in 1998 is the word 'Loyalty'. Yes they have been innovative, yes they have evolved and taken technology to a whole new level but deep down they have create probably the most loyal brand in the world. Yes the hard core Apple fans will argue their brand loyalty is deeper and stronger but i have to challenge that.

Amazon has shown time after time that their brand can move in directions that most of us couldn't even dream of and they do it with ease. They move from one sector to the next like nothing ever seen before and not only do they take it head on they transform it with new ways of working and new structures. You name it, entertainment, fashion, produce, data, storage, services, transport, content creation, commerce, telecommunications, electronics the list goes on and on.

However nothing compares to the loyal customer base it has formed with Prime which accounts for 60% of their total dollar value, 40/50 million customers alone in the US all spending somewhere in the vicinity of $2500 annually is just one big wow moment.

If you strip all of this back it all comes down to customer centric thinking, everything that they have done is focused on making sure that 'Me' the customer can get whatever i want in the shortest window possible 'Do you have what i want, and can you get it to me when i need it?' that is the fundamental root of their thinking and man are they doing it well.

Take a look at Amazon Go, for years and years Bezos refused to get into physical stores unless they could offer it in a unique way that would answer the above questions. Look at what they have done in relationship to that question. Yes we have what you want and you get it faster and easier than anywhere else, no more frustration with queues and payment systems just simplicity and speed.

Yes they probably are the most innovative company but that is due to the combined thinking of customers and the loyalty that has greater which has allowed Amazon to become the juggernaut it has over my journey of a lifetime.