Are we about to witness one of the greatest failures in the history of Technology, when Magic Leap announces that they cannot eventually deliver the product they told the world they would?

Obviously we are far from this just now, but more and more voices are raising concerns about how late Magic Leap is beginning to be in shipping something that can be tested and trusted.

They revealed last week that (at least one of) the videos they have been showing the world are not using any real life content, and all was made in CGI instead (the video can be viewed here). Most people are now left wondering what there truly is behind the "Magic", and while as external potential clients all we can do is wait and hope for an exciting, potentially life-changing product to hit the market some day, internally Magic Leap will soon have to present a working prototype to its investors, after raising more than $1.3 billion in the past two years.

There is no doubt the technology they have is superior to what any competitor can offer today. 

The real question is can they make it small and user-friendly enough for it to be marketable? And if so, how long will it take them to get there? 

Time is running short and while Magic Leap hires more and more people to join its ranks and increase its brainpower, the Tech world watches and wonders if it is not about to witness one of the largest hyped companies go up in (virtual) smoke...