VR is being added all over the place -- and now it's turned to visualise crime scenes. 

I can't imagine a better way to present crime scenes. This VR makes as if you were there, allowing jurors to better understand crime situations by entering into these simulated crime scenes. 

Blood-stains, broken glass, and every detail can be re-created to prove or disprove a witness's story. Could this lead to the end of false accusations?

I also believe this can take detective training to a new level. Trainers can walk detective trainees through simulated 3D images from real crimes, instructing juniors through safe practice, rather than theory. 

Overall, this Wichita-created VR doesn't restrict investigation agencies to just pictures and verbal descriptions anymore. It now allows them to re-create crime scenes -- providing them a chance to be in places, positions, and angles for a better, unbiased analysis.