One of the first posts I wrote for Rush asked the question "Is the NBA trying to dominate esports?". A few months down the line, we've got an answer: Yes, they officially are.

Whereas my original post concerned individual teams, owners and players investing into esports and gaming, the latest news reveals that the NBA as a league will be diving in. They'll be teaming up with Take-Two Interactive Software, makers of one of the best sports-sim franchises on the market today NBA 2K, as well as each of the NBA franchises to form a sort of shadow league - a virtual league of e-athletes drafted into teams almost NBA-style and following the same schedule as their real-life counterparts.

It remains to be seen whether the idea will take off; it is of course a pretty convoluted concept: a professional sports league owning and operating a professional e-sports league with real-life franchises each operating both real-life and virtual sports teams, following the same schedule as the real sport, but is played on a simulation of the real sport which holds its own as a legitimate separate sport. It gets complicated if you think about it too hard, but the main takeaway is simply this: the NBA is serious about getting directly involved with esports, and they've just made it official.