I'm sure in late 70s when the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Apple were all pushing their new vision of the computer industry on society the same questions and doubts were discussed. Are we going down the right path? Is mankind ready to change the way they communicate? Do they want a box that is connected to the rest of the world?

Yes i agree there is lots of tech around at the moment that makes you question when you would need it or why. It's hard to see sometimes how a piece of tech can make your life better or add value. But i remember back when Blackberry was dominating the world with their first email devices and many of us would slate Blackberry uses with comments like Why on earth would you want email 24/7? Who do they need to speak to so urgently? Now today most of us wouldn't even give it a second thought.

What is apparent is that we are heading into a world where technology and society become one, they become ubiquitous and just happen together. Just like we are with smart phones today they just are part of our society, there was a day when they weren't and before we knew it we can't live without them. One day i will be writing this piece via my airpod virtual assistant direct to my VR channel and community while consuming my health vitals as i travel the world in my self driving automated ride service.

It is a very interesting debate and one i look forward to seeing unfold, there is a lot of money being bet on future tech of society and what will be the next killer app. Lets see who makes the biggest change to society over the coming years