With more people using chat platforms globally now than social networks the obvious next marketing juggernaut will be the Chatbot.

The future of brand interaction is here and it is starting with Chatbots and it is the pathway to the virtual assistant world. I have written about the future of UX design here lately and this is where we are starting from, we are finding ourselves needing to develop skills that can not only look visually appealing but are backed up by logic and ability to distill a two way dialouge to drive an outcome. If we can learn to do this correctly then our brand proposition and purpose will shine through quickly.

There are some great examples here in this piece that look at how brands are using chatbots to engage with their consumers, i personally love what the team at The North Face have achieved with the use of IBM Watson to use the utility of a bot platform to help their customers navigate the depth of their brand. 

We are seeing a lot more of our customers engaging in discussions or projects in this space and this is really exciting for the growth of this space. It isn't all roses and sunflowers, there are lots of learnings along the way but what is important with bots is that they just begin and learn. Air NZ has just launched their new 'Cadet Chatbot' called Bravo Oscar Tango 'Oscar' who is just learning the ropes and this is such a great way to get a bot underway.

The key thing for brands is to make sure that critical to any thinking is the customer is central to the design thinking, adding utility and value then once this is achieved the chatbot should flourish, grow and everyone's happy