I've written a lot on design of late and trust me i am no designer at all but what i am starting to understand from my interactions with AI and tech is that there is no one who is a designer in the age of AI, i've come to the conclusion we all are or we're all going to have to become one as we are on the cusp of a completely new era of design working with AI, robotics and connected tech.

This is a great manifesto to start you off in the right direction, it may not be applicable to you in your day to day right now but you need to know about it.

Some key takeouts

Human problems - we need to focus on what are actually human problems not just problems for the sake of it. There is so much hype and to be honest a lot of very average ideas, solutions for who knows what reason especially at hype event like CES. The real winners are going to be the ideas that have a fundamental issue at the heart of it that when resolved with technology will make people realise how painful it actually really was. The example here of lack of sleep for parents is a great use case.

Why? What are we doing this for? Is this something we as humans can do just as good or do we really need this automated piece of tech. Yes it is cool, yes it is cute and smart but is it something we cannot do ourselves?

Do not replace life! This is critical, we need to design tech that makes out lives better, we DO NOT want to design tech that takes living away from us, it must enhance it. Yes by all means make it easier to live but don't take the fundamental elements of life away from us. 

Make it easy. Tech can be smart, tech can be complicated and it can be really hard for everyone to live with. How many times have you got the latest gadget and spent hours installing it or setting it up then for only you to be able to use it and the rest of the family are just ignorant or just don't get it. Try and reverse the 80/20 rule and make sure the majority of us can pick it up easily and enjoy it.

Keep it discreet. It needs to integrate into life without getting in the way. We shouldn't have to change too much to enjoy it. As long as it allows us to continue on and focus on things that are important at the same time enriching our environment then it will work perfectly 

Grow up. Growth and learning is all part of the journey of life, tech needs to be able to do the same thing, it must grow as we grow and learn as we learn, how many times have you bought the latest and greatest gadget for it to become another black box in the corner as it becomes outdated in a small amount of time. 

Earn my loyalty. With growth together will result in us becoming life long friends, i will become loyal to you and we will evolve our relationship, who knows what becomes over time.

Add value to me. With time comes data, with data comes knowledge, learning is one thing but taking our learnings and then predicting where things are going before i can consider it will be what results in value.

The future is all of ours to design, so keep in mind the above every step of the way and we should hopefully end up in a happy place. Good luck out there