We have all heard that sentence a million times, when someone talks to you about how they ar egoing to change the world with their new app or technology.

Those guys below have a simple and very humane approach to VR, and making it accessible to people who cannot walk or remember how things were.

Imagine you took 360 videos of their old house, or a place they loved to go as a kid, and bring to them through the VR headset... Who wouldn't love to do this for their great-grand-parents, or any relative/friend wjo, for any reason, cannot see it for real?

The emotional impact of the VR experience is clearly visible in the videos below, and I believe once we have more accessible tools for 360 recording, we could be very close to making a significant difference for the ones we love.

Take the time to read below, and share it with those interested: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-01-25-vr-and-dementia