What if you could feel the virtual world around you? What if you could actually "physically" experience it, rather than just observe it? 

Axon VR allows you to do just that. Virtual reality is itself moving in a revolutionary direction. You get to visually enjoy things as if you’re actually right in front of it. However through Axon’s device the immersion has another dimension. Now you won't just be picking up an ordinary object like an apple in VR. You’re feeling its texture, its shape, and even its cool temperature. 

The device works with two key functional layers: a thermal layer to perceive temperature and a tactile one to sense the texture of the object.

I feel that this can take virtual reality to new directions, especially in training—from engineering to architecture. It can allow trainees to virtually see and now feel the parts needed to build projects, providing a more realistic and resourceful approach to practical training. 

Or more simply, it can act as an add on to virtual reality games. Chef Simulator anyone?

Though this technology has a way a long way to go, I’m excited to see where this device can take us.