Another overview piece on the variants of A.I. but this time with a marketing lens on it. 

We've had data in the past but nothing like we do today, now we have so much of it and it will become more and faster every day that goes by. The best thing now though as there are tools available to help us uncover the consumer truths in this data and start acting on them.

Customer experience is going to be at the heart of marketing to start with allowing us to provide solutions to our customers through the use of chatbots and large data analysis but it also now allows us to track our customers and provide context like never before.

I love the example here of the Bank of America and how they are using the a Bot to bring cognitive message and predictive analytics to life to help add value to the customer experience and drive a better overall outcome to their saving habits.

I've written lately how Speech recognition and NLP is going to change the way we interact with our computers and devices, the idea of ubiquitous computing, well now they are already predicting that 30% of all web browsing sessions will occur without a screen something to get excited about. A great example of how the marketing world can embrace this is the Dominoes Pizza ordering through Alexa voice services which when you think about it is just take the human customer service piece and giving it to you digitally via voice. Same goes for the Fit Bit example, it makes so much sense as who needs a screen with they are blowing their lungs out.

Through in Deep Learning and the changes this will be driving in SEO and SEM and now we are all in a new world.

The long and the short of all of this is it is bloody complicated but at least it is there, these subsets of A.I. are all open to take advantage of with your brand. We now know more about our customers and we have more ability to redefine the way we connect with our customers than ever before.

If we get it right we will see business growth like never before