This is an outstanding article, it has depth and detail i've not seen for some time.

After the early initial predictions we now have a good year under our belts and have seen a few key players play their initial cards. What is encouraging is all of the leading tech companies are making moves in this space and there is no doubt there is going to be a war.

What has become apparent though is that mobile is going to be the biggest driver for both AR and VR with Mobile AR to the be the ultimate winner. But who is and who could own it?

Apple is the one we are waiting on to see their play, will 2017 be the big step change the industry is waiting on? Will the next edition of the iPhone be a game changer for AR? Will they jump into the smart glasses market? They are definitely in pole position to dominate the market as they can just plug into their current ecosystem and turn on the tap. Surely it's that simple....

Will we see another Pokemon Go? Is there such a thing in the gaming world? Will we see the enterprise equivalent? Where does the entertainment market go with AR?

Where does Microsoft go this year with Hololens and Xbox One Scorpio? Do we see them joining forces and overtaking the living room? Then there is Google and what the next stages for Daydream and Tango look like.

I don't know about you but this year looks like the most exciting yet, bring it on i say!