The last week has been a massive information overload coming out of Las Vegas and CES. It is great to sit on the sidelines and watch it from a far in the comfort of my deck chair driving a cold one watch the summer days go by. As much as i have some FOMO of all of the comings and goings in Vegas at this time of year every year i do love it when the final wash up is over and we can get on with taking on the future.

This piece from Tech Crunch has been a perfect snap shot of most of what i have read and seen from my deck chair. Throw in a few more gadgets and a hell of a lot of VR and you have it perfect.

Firstly lets talk about Amazon, don't they sell books or something. What has been super inspiring is to see them as the poster child of the A.I./Virtual Assistant/Smart home/future movement that is exploding in front of us and they seem to have done it accidentally. Every man and his dog is partnering with Alexa, everywhere is Alexa and everyone is wanting a piece of her. What is most outstanding is that with a small foresight to make Alexa available and open to all hardware and software makers early on they are not benefiting from those efforts. However will it be a one horse race I'm not so sure, yes they have the jump on the rest of the field and good luck to them but you can guarantee that Apple and especially Google will be hot on their heels.

Speaking of Google that takes me to the next key player who stole CES, Nvidia. We have known about these guys for some years as we like them have been in the games industry, however watching what they have evolved into is something phenomenal. Tsun Huang's keynote is inspiring to say the least and the future he and his team have painted is something special. As he states we are all going through the most exciting times the computer industry has ever witnessed and what we all thought was going to be the ideas of science fiction for years to come is now our reality. 

What i love about Nvidia is they have evolved, they have moved from a company that focused on a GPU based gaming world who has seen the vision of a combined A.I. and computer vision world and what the future of humanity could look like. If you check out the work they are doing with Google and the smart TV solution 'Shield' it is exceptional on its own, however now they are adding the Google Assistant platform not only to their smart tv platform but throughout your home with the annoucement of the 'Nvidia Spot' a tiny microphone you can plug into your power sockets through your home to interact with your Google Assistant. Last but not least lets touch on the amazing work they are doing with self driving automation intelligence, it is totally next level and the work that it going into this is unbelievable. Their announcement with Audi to put self driving level 4 automation factory production cars on the roads by 2020 is so inspiring and exciting.

If i have to summaries what has taken CES by storm this year it has to be the real world applications of A.I. and that now the future of computing is now moving to a A.I. based world and data.