The idea of going on a cruise holiday is the stuff of nightmares for me. I would hate the idea of going on a holiday where everything is so cookie cutter and one size fits all.

However thanks to the great work by John Padgett and his time at Disney with MagicBand he is now turning the cruise line holiday industry on its head and now he has my interest.

Personalisation is the future, no longer do we have to or should we have to experience the same thing as everyone else. 

Look at how Padgett has taken the simple idea of allowing people to manage their own personal schedules at Disneyland through to the cruise line holiday industry. There are many examples of where this friction free experience and principles are beginning to be applied to a variety of service industry experiences, think sports events, music festivals, hotels, hospitality, entertainment centres you name it.

What i do love here is it isn't really a technology discussion any longer, we are beyond that, now we are looking at the consumer experience and how much value we can add, offer more and get more.

The world we are moving into is all about personalisation, driven by A.I and data it will all come down to the ability to capture customer data and them serve your customers with preferred offerings, deals and experiences, giving them exactly what we want most, while spending very little time or energy making our choices, who doesn't want a holiday like that?