It's the start of a new year and already I've got a few things on my wishlist for next Christmas thanks to CES 2017. Razer, in particular, came out with some incredible concepts (laptop with three built-in 17" 4K displays anyone?!) and one in particular has me fascinated. Project Ariana promises an immersive gaming experience without the need for a headset. It does this using a 4K projector that not only gives the gamer a traditional, focused-in view through a display directly in front, but also peripheral vision by projecting an extended view onto the wall/environment around the display. It also applies depth sensing and projection mapping to make this an experience you couldn't simply pull off with an existing standard projector, doing fancy things like automatically detecting objects in the room and bending the projection around them. 

Whilst I disagree somewhat with the article in that I don't believe this approach is a significant blow to VR - the differences in use cases, at least in gaming, is subtle, but significant enough that I feel there's space for both - it does offer an immersive experience to gamers that is cheaper and less cumbersome than using a headset and is potentially an easier platform for current games to adapt to.