These are the words of Mark Zuckerberg, who in April laid out an ambitious 10-year roadmap that places it at the cutting-edge of computer science with aggressive plays in A.I. & VR.

And despite the cutting-edge technological innovations that have been coming out of the social media titan, what Zuckerberg still talks most about is basic internet connectivity. The project is an example, which aims to bring online services to underserved nations, albeit somewhat controversially, and the fantastic Aquila drone, the project to design launch self-sufficient aircraft that can beam internet down to millions at a time.

What Facebook and Zuckerberg have that is most powerful is not the talent or the money, although it is not possible to execute without them. Their core strength builds around their well-defined and poignant vision. They have boiled their entire global business down around the goal of providing connectivity to the entire planet's population, and the executions that spin off this are the manifest of how well, how creatively, how quickly and resourcefully they bring it to life. Make no mistake, they are here to take their vision for a connected world as far as they possibly can. Vision is what drives us forward, and vision is what's needed to direct innovation and technology. And we need vision more than ever in a world where breakthroughs in the former are advancing at an ever-accelerating rate.