As Google Home is starting to roll out we are seeing the growth potential and the uptake moving very fast.

Today more than 30 start ups and companies are jumping on board. From news content, health related or product hunting the idea of a smart home assistant is becoming a reality.

I love the way this platform is taking on a life of its own. For me having startups pushing this space is very exciting, there is now a how new world of possible applications and business models, i love the idea of have a company like Chill recommending me Netflix movies to watch or Tender to recommend my evening cocktails. The mind starts to go a little nuts when you start thinking about all of the possible use cases for a smart assistant.

So Google has a grand plan here and as this ecosystem evolves the plan starts to grow I'm sure. Throw in the announcement they have made around  their Weave platform and Android things we are starting to see the future of IoT forming, but what is really great to see is the language that is being used  'This is just the beginning of the IoT ecosystem we want to build with you.'

Come on people join the Google love train!