Check out this video and move by VentureBeat. This is a really interesting play and follows up the other piece i wrote about the how Google is building an ecosystem around its Google Assistant.

This is a great example and practical application for the use of an assistant like Google. I could now wake up and speak to my Google home and get all of the latest happening from VentureBeat just like in the video.

Supporting my discussion around 'Invisible computing' we are moving into a world that allows me to consumer content in a way never experienced before.

Add to this the news around how Wynn Hotel group in Las Vegas has just announced it will be installing the Amazon Echo throughout 4,700 hotel rooms to allow guest to voice-control all of the smart home features to their room and the AI based assistant movement is really underway. 

When you think about the possible applications of this and how this has the potential to change customer service for ever you start to see a future when humans play a very limited roll in the service world and we as consumers have a lot more control than we ever had.

Exciting times i must say