With all of the hype last week around Amazon Go and i even wrote about it in our weekly newsletter, this is the best angle i have seen.

We are all on notice and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Elon has been talking for some time about the challenge society is going to have with the advent of super computer systems taking over our day to day jobs and this is a perfect example of it.

Yes people in jobs of service are under threat from the future, automation and everything that companies like Amazon are now experimenting with.  This example is a frightening insight into the future where job functions will be replaced by apps and tech.

I wrote last week that the president elect has more than foreign countries to concern himself with as he tries to retain jobs in America and make the country great again, technology and automation is a way more of a threat. It is great to see the news overnight with Trump including technology visionaries like Elon and Travis to his advisory board and also meeting to discuss his future plans with the  leaders of the tech world.

“digital technologies are doing for human brainpower what the steam engine and related technologies did for human muscle power during the Industrial Revolution.”

This is so true and if we don't accept it we will get left behind. However with this comes other key opportunities and new business models and that is the exciting part of the future.

We all need to find these opportunities and work out how tech will play a key role and then where humans will win. We need to help our future generations today on what tomorrow will look like. We need to as an industry find areas we can collaborate on and build new ways of working that will allow us to remain relevant, and lastly we need to remember we are still people and we know what people want and need and keep that at the core of what we evolve as an human race.

Watch you back people!