Right now it is all a big discussion about the future of computing and how our worlds will change. This article touches on a concept that was presented back in the mid-nineties around Ubiquitous Computing or in todays terms IoT.

What it really deals with is how will we interact with the world in the future, how will invisible computing interactions when done well really change our day to day lives.

A great example of how this idea came to life in the old world is the electric motor, something today we take for granted but when it was first launched our interactions with them were indepth but now we don't even consider them in our lives they are just there doing their thing and everywhere.

We need to get there with computing and we will. Today the way we interact with computing is still very deliberate, we find our device of choice and we activate it, engage with it and request it to do something. However in the future it will be how we have computing in our lives and we don't even know it's there.

The movement by the likes of Google with Google home is the first steps in a world of invisible computing, or the Apple AirPods are another as they will just be there and do their thing determined on external data knowledge or with our IoT devices that are learning our every move and then helping us without us even knowing.

This is the biggest challenge for all of us moving forward when we consider how we are going to give our customers the best user experience. Yes technology is changing the UX of the world but it is still at a stage of visibility. I still have to get out my phone from my pocket, i still have to open my Uber app and i still have to request my driver, this is not invisible computing but it could be. A world where my smart assistant knows my schedule and knows when i need my Uber driver called and where to pick me up and take me too is just around the corner if not possible today and what would be even better is if it could know it's my wives birthday, what type of flowers she likes and have them ordered, paid for and delivered with my best witty romantic message all without me even knowing until i've hopped into my self driving car on my way home from a long day at the office.

We are busy working with clients on how they change their customer experience, what and how is tech changing the world around us and hence their customer expectations, it's challenging but as you will see this world is just around the corner and Mark Weiser was a visionary