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Writing Our Own Financial Future with A.I.

With the power of more ubiquitous machine learning and data wrangling algorithms delivering meaningful change in our financial systems already, it is important that we as a society continue to educate ourselves and stay highly informed about what is happening in order to ensure that the changes that technology brings to this huge part of everyday life across the planet are the right ones.

The article describes technology as delivering an increasingly fractal financial system. A fractal system is non-linear, interactive and characterised by the potential for self-organisation, evolving by a combination of random mutation and also self-organisation. Natural selection, if you will. Examples include living organisms, the nervous system... and our economies. Their adaptability can either be increased or decreased by the rules shaping their interaction. 

Now what this means in the context of emerging financial technologies is that more and more with the power to add a great deal of unpredictability are being added to our current system. This includes big data interpretation and automation of algorithms that run our money all over the world, huge economies like China moving towards completely digital currencies, and the introduction of revolutionary ownership technologies such as Blockchain.

Fractal systems evolve historically, meaning their past or history, or their experiences, are added onto them and then determines their future trajectory. 

Emergent technology can and will play a determining role in the evolution of our fractal, global financial system, which is why it will likely show a great deal of unpredictability over the coming decades. However, it is also the case that a fractal system has the potential of a great deal of creativity that was not programmed into it from the beginning. This is where we step in. If we step in now and encourage positive uses of these powerful technologies, we will have the ability to leverage our global financial systems like never before, for good.

I feel hopeful that new players and pressure from customers will be the driving forces of change. I hope for a world with no multi-million-dollar-a-year brokers, hedge fund managers and banking leaders, and for one where the long-term effects of A.I. and advances in computing power (approximately 20+ years) will mean a wholesale redefinition of wealth, monetary usage, value and a focus on equality across societies in the world. Welcome to the future.

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