This is a very interesting argument and a good thing to consider in the world of innovation. No longer can we rest on the assumption, predictions and fiction. We now live in a world where action is the currency, things that are true and correct drive decisions and learning is the foundation of the future.

I love some of these guidelines and how they relate to the world we are all diving deep into. At Rush we are spending so much more time with clients focusing on the actual data and not making predictions or assumptions.

Innovation should be a verb that characterises the way we work and not a noun referring to departments or projects. We all need to do it, it can't be someone else who has all the responsibility and most importantly it must be underlined by ACTION and everyone can now be a change-agent.

Make small bets and lots of them, don't be afraid to fail and most importantly be prepared to have to tell your team we failed but we must learn from it

Speed is the key, we don't have the time to wait and if we do we will be superseded before we get out of first gear. Get up and get on with it!