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The future of UX & UI.... look out

This is an outstanding piece done by a young man who has spent a lot of time considering Typography in 2D, 3D and now in the mixed reality world.

I found this article very interesting to start with from a curiosity perspective then i starting getting deeper into and it start to ask a lot of questions.

What will UX & UI be like in the future? How will we actually engage with our mixed reality worlds? How will we design for such unstructured experiences and how will we learn these skills?

So many questions and so much to consider. However this goes a lot deeper for me. I was sitting with my 11 year daughter and i asked her what she thought she might want to be when she leaves school in 8 years time, she stated that she has no idea what she will do and made a very interesting comment that she doesn't think jobs will be the same then as they are today, i 100% agreed with her.

Coming back to this post, the designers of today will not necessarily be the designers of tomorrow. How will they be able to consider all environments? Will they have to be more spatial design thinkers? Who will they learn from, who will be their teachers? Who will they work for?

Whatever the end result is to all of these questions, what is the outcome is that our worlds will be mixed reality and your UX and UI will be some kind of next level

When I first met HoloLens, I thought typography would not be a relevant topic in 3D space since typography has been all about flat 2D spaces— paper, books, screens, and print. However, as soon as I started putting type into 3D space with HoloLens, I realized that typography in a mixed reality space could be really gorgeous! It has a totally different physicality compared to traditional display or paper media. In HoloLens, type is constructed as a hologram with light based on the additive color system. Since you can place type in the actual environment and the type is world locked, you can observe it from any angle just like real-life objects. The parallax effect between the type and the environment makes it even more magical, especially when there are multiple types layered in mixed reality space.

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