There is no doubt that the idea of using tech in the construction industry makes complete sense. The idea of 12% of project costs being rework based is madness and if technology can reduce that then someone will become very successful doing so.

Bring visual tech into environments is nothing new but how it gets applied is where the future is. All of this article outlines what's currently in the market and it has some amazing examples of where things are moving too. However we need to think beyond that and how we can take it to the next level.

What is going to really shift the needle and not only save the 12% is when we start building applications that not only overlay AR to reduce reworks but we connect this data with A.I. and start building smarts to construction allowing for the value chain to start foreseeing the future before it happens. Understanding where things are at where they might have to change before they do could potentially result in massive time and financial savings.