So it would be wonderful to be more like Ashton on a number of levels however the most important one is to find greener pastures. We don't always get the next big unicorn like Uber or AirBnB pitched to us so we have to think differently. We must find the fundamental intuition that is wrong within our worlds and industries and make the most of it.

We challenge ourselves and our clients everyday to look at things different, does this make sense to you, does it make sense to your customers and then is there another way to look at it. Sometimes yes it does but sometimes if we step back and look from a different perspective we find something special. We also do this when formulating concepts with our clients and internally, we utilise what makes us all unique and that is we all look at things differently, if we take all perspectives, sometimes we come across something unique.

The world is moving so fast, what is right today won't necessarily be right tomorrow. If we don't challenge ourselves and each other then we have the potential of missing what is right in front of us.