Like me some of you will be saying what is the difference between IoT & IoE, but as you can see here it is pretty straight forward. Where IoT only looks at one pillar (Things), IoE looks at people, process, data and things. 

If we start looking at everything we can see that the world is in a state of change right before our eyes. Yes devices, hardware, automobiles and other things are getting connected to the internet but what this really means is we now have more sensors out in the real world capturing more data from people. What this now is starting to allow is the ability for us to capture and process this data and then develop business models that support this data and most importantly find new areas of opportunity.

As this article states, 'Data Is Money', however data is only one thing, unless you can process the data and create an output from the data then there will be no money. How you do this will come down to how you integrate A.I. and how fast, as A.I. is the only way you will be able to deal with this much data at the right speed to make decisions and of course the holy grail 'drive commerce'.