Right now i am just getting my head around Bots as a concept and how they are starting to interject into our lives when the time is right. I think they're great and have so much potential to change the way we interact with services and products.

I love the concept of being able to communicate with customer service around human related problems, or talk to Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant to find me the latest EPL scores. 

But this concept is really interesting. Two days ago i got approached by a company via email about a new  automated outreach bot that would take my CRM and my description of prospects and then would come back to me with a list of the top prospects with contacts, then would allow me to setup an email outreach program that would automatically do all my emailing and scheduling of next steps and appointments. So i found this interesting but I'm not sure if i am ready to let a bot do all the hard work for me just yet as I'm still a little bit of a control freak but who knows.

Last week i talked about X.ai the personal assistant you can now use to arrange your meetings, well the idea of B2B bot commerce combined with a automated outreach tool means there is a world not too far away when i won't even speak to prospects until i get face to face with them, my bot will talk to your bot and they will arrange out future together.

Now this starts to get facinating if you start to think about the future of this premise. My bot will learn who i am and the more it does the more it will learn who's bot to interact with, these bots will start to form how we like to engage with each other and they will start to form unique relationships and outcomes and ultimately drive commerce together.

All of this will drive a better more results driven relationship between you and I, now who wouldn't want that? And at the end of the day what did i actually do?