Technology is changing fast we all know this, well most of us do, but what most of us don't realise is the significant change this is having on society right in front of us.

I have 3 children who are  living a life of sheltered existence as they are still young enough, however that too is changing as i type. I think to myself as i get older what will the world be like for them in 10 years time when they start thinking about leaving school, university, workforce and life in general. What will it mean for me in my latter life?

The rules are changing, every piece of our lives are being captured by data, however this is creating both a positive and negative impact. The jobs of today may not be around in 10 years time, highly unlikely, however new jobs and industries will emerge. The cost of living is going to decrease, well that's great news, however that will mean we will indulge more and abundance will cause more drama.

So this is all very interesting, concerning, upsetting, inspiring, exciting, overwhelming god i could go on. But the key thing is that it's what we do today, as individuals, fathers, people, neighbours, colleagues and industries which will shape the future generations. We need to collaborate on all levels to make sure it is a future worth living in