Product recommendations, the old 'people who like this...' statements are yesterdays tools, the future is AI driven predictions based on a understanding patterns from a wide range of data sources, historical purchase, product preferences, competitors, inventory add a little contextual data like weather, seasonal, topically info and you can see how predictive shopping could really make a big impact.

At the end of the day we all will buy things if they are more relevant to us and easier to buy. Now that the world is becoming more connected and data driven there is huge potential for retail in a world where the digital divide no longer exists. 

When you are connect to your AI assistant who is constantly giving you ideas and recommendations, then when you are in a physical location and they know who you are and what you like the commerce all of a sudden is more and more relevant more than you have ever known.

However what must be kept at front of mind is the customer experience, throw in storytelling, spatial design, context and data from a number of sources and you have the ultimate commerce solution