Fantastic Contraption was the first game I'd ever played with the HTC Vive and it was that game (in conjunction with the excellent hardware) that convinced me that VR had finally made a successful transition from gimmick to legit.

This "Kaiju" update has me excited, in particular a new feature that, at least conceptually, is a subtle addition, but has added a dramatically new way to enjoy the same game. It's called Kaiju Scale and it allows the player to scale the game environment down so instead of experiencing the game from the virtual ground, you get more of a top-down view of the world - it's still an immersive first-person experience, but from the point-of-view of a god instead of a grunt.

What I hope this update does is show developers there's more than one way to approach VR games (or VR apps in general), i.e. VR isn't just for shooters and driving sims, and enterprise training apps don't have to be done at a 1:1 scale either; strategy and table-top apps have a place in the VR space, too, and just because the player's character isn't "inside" the game doesn't mean it's not an incredibly immersive experience.