EA have a mountain to climb but they are certainly going in the right direction with Andrew Wilson at the helm. 

Here Andrew points to a "not to distant future" where gaming becomes a more intuitive, engaging and all encompassing experience. An experience that has similarities to how music has grown from a discrete (where you had to choose to listen to music, and make an effort to do so) to an indiscreet (where its all around us, with the likes of Spotify).

We've often talked about how gamification has already started to have a direct effect on how we interact and learn. This is only going to grow. 

EA believes that everything that we use or interact with becomes internet enabled and as such, plays a part in what happens in our gaming. You can see this happening quite easily. With the Likes of Facebook getting into gaming, I'm pretty confident that every interaction you have on their platform, ends up playing a part in your game that you're playing through Facebook Gameroom. 

So, in the "not to distant future" you will be gaming, whether you realise it or not... Are you ready? I know we are...