So how is the ad industry going to help brands take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, now that's is the big question. As you will see from this article there are immediate challenges to overcome. We are currently working to bridge the gap between agencies and ourselves so that they have a better technical understanding of AI and what is achievable.

Will AI take the place of the creative community, i'm not so sure, however if you look at the latest app launch by Google Quick, Draw! really shows how creative and AI can work extremely well together. Are the current creative community able to develop for AI, again I'm not so sure. As stated in this article the character/creative development in AI is more like writing for a video game development or movie script and this is why Rush is finding a natural progression to the AI world.

What i do believe is for the ad world to take advantage of new shiny tech ops like AI the whole model and attitude needs to change. We all need to be prepared to fail fast and live in a prototype world that allows a fast moving partnership model.

If we can get this right then the creative industry should find a home with AI