Sundar Pichai is one year in however he is taking the Google Mantra that Larry and Sergey built their initial search engine around to the new world of AI. Build it first and nail the experience and commercials will follow.

I have written many an article as have my colleagues on our excitement around the direction of AI, machine learning, NLP and it is thanks to visionaries like Sundar that are helping businesses like Rush bring this to life with our clients.

Our mantra's are very similar, we know from our deep foundations in gaming that UX is critical to the success of any product or service, if you don't nail the experience you definitely won't have many customers. We built our development methodology around this mantra and it is something we hold true to the core of our work.

We live in a world of unknowns and they happen every day, however at the end of the day human problems good and bad remain the same, we all want things that augment and enhance our lives. 

I'm excited by the likes of what Sundar is doing, i'm excited by what our team is doing and more importantly what our future experiences have to hold.

Well done that man! Keep up the good work