Here at Rush, we pride ourselves on being tech agnostic. In many ways, and in many verticals, we strive to bring meaning to technology and ideas so that there is a fundamental concept which strengthens from the ground up the very core of our work. Its in each of our projects that we add relevance for the end user, by doing this, we innovate the industry and out clients alike. 

In situations like this, where Healthcare is using technology and expertise to really affect peoples lives and add meaning, that Philips have really hit the nail, as it were, on the head. 

Philips' eICU technology allows for a more connected experience which gives patients around the world access to the right medical care for their needs. Its not just about that though, nursing and doctor shortages might be a thing of the past. 

I really love when technology is not just for entertainment, but for the betterment of mankind too. Its easy to forget about these innovations, and just assume that when you go to the hospital, you get the best care in the hospital... You could now have access to the best care in the country or even the world.