Bots are all the rage, they're the poster child of the Artificial Intelligence industry and are driving the uptake in this space.

I've had a number of people talk to me about their experience with a Bot assistant like lately and all the discussions are along the lines of 'It is amazing, i spoke to this assistant a number of times via email and i had no idea i was talking to a Bot, it blew my mind!'

This is just the beginning of this change, the service based world is changing and we as a society are changing with it.

The fundamentals are the same though as the real world we need our bots to form habits, the conversations have to be engaging, we need to enjoy them and have fun all at the same time as being functional, we need to be able to depend on them i.e. when we tell them something we expect that they will know what we like or don't from previous discussions and lastly we need to make sure they are adding value to our lives. As long as the Bots are forming the right habits then the relationships will grow and the value exchange will become stronger.

I love the idea of Bots, the fact i can setup an assistant that not only deals with my day to day meeting schedule but also builds an understanding of my habits and preferences to make my world better is a total no brainer to me.

From a Rush perspective we are loving the projects we are working on currently, we have a number of AI based applications in development and we see where the future is heading, however it's not as easy as it seems, it takes a lot of thinking, time and effort from all parties but the potential upside is significant. 

We are super excited about a Bot world are you?