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What happens when IBM's Artificial Intelligence writes movie trailers

My initial reaction when I watched the AI-generated trailer of the movie "Mogan" for the first time, was "WOW". I was blown away.

I don't know if it was an intense watch because I knew in the back of my mind that AI had a part to play in the creation of it, or simply what followed the first 15 seconds of the trailer was filled with intense sentiments of suspense.

The article below explains how the IBM team trained their Watson AI to analyse and 'understand' horror movies, and from that understanding, derive which "moments" of the movie would be suitable for the trailer.

Similar to other current attempts for AI to create art and music, as posted by my colleague Eddie recently -  such as be seen in Sony's attempt at AI pop music, the efforts are still backed by human intervention -- but what gets me most is what AI means moving forward, and how it can be used to "augment the expertise and creativity of individuals".

There was an element missing from the AI-generated trailer though which you may notice if you watch the official trailer here. But I'll let you come to the conclusion yourself which version is better.

Traditionally, creating a movie trailer is a labor-intensive, completely manual process. Teams have to sort through hours of footage and manually select each and every potential candidate moment. This process is expensive and time consuming –taking anywhere between 10 and 30 days to complete. From a 90-minute movie, our system provided our filmmaker a total of six minutes of footage. From the moment our system watched “Morgan” for the first time, to the moment our filmmaker finished the final editing, the entire process took about 24 hours. Reducing the time of a process from weeks to hours –that is the true power of AI. The combination of machine intelligence and human expertise is a powerful one. This research investigation is simply the first of many into what we hope will be a promising area of machine and human creativity. We don’t have the only solution for this challenge, but we’re excited about pushing the possibilities of how AI can augment the expertise and creativity of individuals.

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