For years, demographics have been a go-to market segmentation tool, but times are changing. It’s clear that we should start looking at psychographics rather than demographics.

The main characteristics of millennials are their technological reliance and understanding, as well as their youthful or idealistic outlooks. While younger generations are often seen as the most technologically astute, it’s not just them that can adopt to new technologies.

We are seeing a huge rise in the technological literacy of older age groups, and all the trends point to one certainty - instead of defining an age group, “millennial” should be used to define any consumer who is behaving and thinking in ways inspired by millennial consumer trends.

Millennial marketing should mean targeting aspirations, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes – not numbers on a driver's license. The millennial mindset isn't just found in younger generations. Focus marketing efforts on disposition instead of digits, and your brand  will likely have a wider reach as a result.